Windows are one of the most important sections of any building; it does not only represent closure for window space but also has a lot to say about the aesthetics characteristics of a house. The window is the opening with the biggest space. The materials used to cover them should be of excellent quality and standard. When choosing the material and design of window, it is essential for you to buy from a company with great reputation, professionalism, and skilled workers. Windows are also functional in lighting and ventilation of rooms and houses. Regarding this uses listed above, we provide you various styles and designs that will keep your house closed and tight during the winter, allow proper ventilation and lighting during the summer and other hot periods. We have mastered these functions and make sure we produce windows that perform optimally. This is necessary to meet the present demands of the current generation. Windows have gone more than a mere material for covering the window opening, but it is now a sophisticated member of the building that can play a lot of role in designing and functionality of the room. 

Tordoff and Wilkinson joinery is truly what any developer or house owner needs; they can produce and reproduce various aspects of Bespoke Joinery for different settings, functions, and purpose. We ensure that our designs and Windows complement the environment where they are installed and the latest versions. We only do not focus on the functionality of our Windows, but also the house design and its interrelationship with other furniture. We employ highly skilled and experienced in-house joiners and cabinet makers, manufacturing products to a client’s highest specifications.

Our large array of bespoke products includes bespoke timber Windows, (including fire Windows where specified) basic timber frames or linings, ornate entrance frames, technically specified fire rated screens, architraves, skirting, beads and other timber mouldings. We ensure that if a product is requested for a particular purpose, our joiners can create something that fits the criteria, without compromising quality because we are truly the best in what we do. We have what it takes to produce unique and customised Windows to fit different functions and use. We take our time to make sure that our Clients are always satisfied with our work by being the very best in our Window production and reproduction. We do not only make your windows, but we also recommend that our skilled workers install your windows for optimal performance; this is because our products are exclusive and need experienced hands to fit them correctly.

Bespoke indeed speak of quality from all ramification, and we know that our clients deserve nothing but the best. We have been able to satisfy and keep our customers happy for the past 75 years. Federation of Master Builders has raised the standard of general building and has kept it at top notch for as long as possible. Federation of Master Builders (FMB) does not only conduct ratings and checks, but we individually carry out extensive inspections to provide authentic proof or our products quality. We also provide training, contracts and warranty protection for our work. So whether you are a Master Builder or a client dreaming of a masterpiece, you're assured of a better experience. “Because building better means building trust.” So as a member you know your business will be supported and promoted. And as a homeowner, you will know you're working with the right people.

Our Customer care lines are always open for bookings and inquiries or any Bespoke item or project, be sure to contact us without hesitation