Repairs & Maintenance


One of the structures that are meant and built to stay a long time without maintenance and repairs are houses and buildings. A house can stay for a decade with little or no maintenance; this is because of the way it was built and created, coupled with the fact that durable materials were used for construction. Even as houses have a large lifespan, but after a while, necessary maintenance is required to continue the functionality of the structure. It is worth saying that when a house needs maintenance, it is mostly like “A stitch in time saves nine” this means that the earlier a problem is fixed, the better for the developer or house owner. This is because a little problem can easily become a major issue that will take a lot of money to fix because the problem was not fixed at the appropriate time. There is a lot to consider when understanding the concept of building repair and maintenance. One of the major things to consider is that some of the building failures do not give notice before the failure occurs. This means that any building can develop a fault at any point in time. This will cause you to spend when you are not predisposed. So whatever building repair or maintenance you require is always available at your service. We have a centralised and decentralised maintenance workshop to give you an all round maintenance for whatever building failure you may experience.

Tordoff and Wilkinson is the place for your building maintenance and repairs, we have mastered the act of carrying out various preventive and corrective maintenance practices on buildings and structures. We understand that this is paramount to our Clients and that is why we take our time to put up the best solution for a building failure or repair that vary from appearance to functional requirements. We carry all types of maintenance and repair ranging from repainting, bulging, sagging, cracks in walls, etc. There are lots of defects that affect buildings to mention but a few. We will restore your house or structure to fulfil its requirements. We have skilled professionals who can define repairs and maintenance, provide the causatives and also the immediate solutions in a very short period. That is why we are the best choice for our Clients and Visitors. Our trademark is quality, and we maintain it at all level. 

Our maintenance and repair plans are flexible to accommodate all types of Clients; we carry everyone along with our interpersonal relationship with our clients. For over decades, we have put our Clients first and delivered high-quality work in the very short period. We have also incorporated Emergency repairs and maintenance to assist Clients who need immediate needs and repairs. Our services are recognised nationally and over time have proved to be authentic. Federation of Master Builders has officially approved and recommended our services to different clients from various background and locations. 

Maintenance and repairs only got better with us; we know that you truly deserve the best and that is all we ever hope to offer you. Our Customer care line are always open for bookings and inquiries on any Repair or Maintenance, be sure to contact us without hesitation