Leaded Xray Doors

X-ray doors are gradually becoming very popular among developers and house owners. Doors fulfil a primary objective of providing egress for users. This major function is very necessary for every building or house. The only problem is that buglers have upgraded their skills in gaining access to homes with tight security and safety doors. Builders are becoming very sensitive to the alarm system available, security cameras and security doors to keep the house safe at all time. Protection of properties is a major concern to everyone with the crime rate increasing daily. Many measures have been used to protect houses, and some of the most consistent means involve Loaded Xray doors. They provide most of the protection that any building would require because the doors itself are made of thick steel which is tough to break. They have Xray light connected from the frames and make access through the door impossible except the Xrays are disconnected. 

Tordoff and Wilkinson have over the years mastered the production of doors with Xray which are built to the specification for a particular use depending on the client’s choice. Tordoff and Wilkinson's cooperation have the necessary materials and machines to successfully construct and install these doors at any structure or facility of the client's specification. This extra protection given to a house can be the difference between having complete assurance of safety because these doors promise limitless protection anywhere it is installed. These x-ray performs a lot of functions, most of them trigger an alarm once someone trespasses the specified area. It is mostly installed in hospitals and other companies where restrictions are required. 

We encourage our Clients to use these customised doors at specified places for safe keeping and areas where absolute cleanliness is needed. We only do not focus on the functionality of our Doors, but also the house design and its interrelationship with other furniture. We use high-quality materials to make sure our customers get the best of whatever we produce. Our staffs are constantly in tune with the latest and current updates on safety and health information and other related information including manual handling, first aid, and PAT. We are flexible with our policies which make a hub to accommodate large client-base. We make Quality our watchword which goes a long way in keeping us top of other competitors. We have diversified our enterprise to accommodate the various needs of our clients to keep them coming back. The loaded Xray doors are of different designs and style to optimally satisfy our customers. They appear to look like other regular doors but are loaded with Xray to increase performance and protection. They come in different colours which can be flush, hinged or sliding doors. We are truly what we say we are, that is why our priority has always been “Quality.” 

We are FENSA, Constructionline and FMB certified because we have all it takes to produce beautiful and excellent doors. Our Customer care lines are always open for bookings and inquiries on any Xray doors, be sure to contact us without hesitation.