Bespoke Joinery


Joinery is the act of using wood pieces to create doors, frames, windows, etc. A joiner carries out this function. Wood is one of the oldest building materials and over time has always been seen as an imperative material. A lot of works are done with timber, but we will not be considering the general building construction but majorly the joinery and furniture making. The most popularly used material for furniture making is wood; this is because woods are durable, strong, readily available and not very expensive. It is also important that I state that wood can easily be carved into a fine artwork with the right machines and skills. The joinery comprises of various carving and cutting machines working at various sections to make or carve out furniture from the wood. Modern joinery not only encompasses carving out of furniture but joining tiny pieces of wood to get the desired shape. This furniture is not only beautiful, but they are also very strong to last for a long period. Many people over the years still have a great love for wooden furniture than other materials. We have not only chosen woodwork, but we have mastered the act of designing, joining, creating and producing exquisite furniture and woodworks.     

Tordoff and Wilkinson is a conglomerate of furniture, maintenance, joinery and woodwork. Bespoke joinery is a section of the company that deals with woodwork; it uses the best wood found around to produce the finest furniture, doors, windows, etc. Tordoff and Wilkinson operate out of 12000 SQ. Ft of modern factory space with state of the art of CAD/CAM facilities.

We produce high-class bespoke joinery for repeat clients for the commercial, residential, industrial sector of the building industry, either for end users or main contracting companies. We believe in forging relationships with our client base that is vital in ensuring a high quality fit out projects hitting time constrained deadlines. Resulting in the majority of our turnover being repeat business from our client base because we keep our clients satisfied and produce nothing but the best joinery around.

Our varied work has us manufacture in all types of materials, with veneers and hardwoods being predominate along with MDF and laminates. We regularly work with and are highly conversant with complimentary materials such as solid surfaces, marble and granite, glass, and stainless steel other metals. All our joinery is produced with the benefit of our in-house setting out team, allowing us to provide detailed working drawings for client approval before manufacturing. We have an excellent team of designers, producers, and joiners that work together to produce unique windows, doors, frames, etc. Bespoke joinery has a trademark of quality and provides nothing but the best. We do not trade quality with quantity; we make sure that the standard is never lowered. We have the capacity of producing joineries according to the Clients specification. Our work speaks for us, that is why our customers keep coming back. We also have a flexible paying plan that is comfortable to all.

Bespoke joinery is exactly what you need to give your house a touch of nature and class. Our Customer care lines are always open for bookings and enquiries on any furniture, be sure to contact us without hesitation.