Bradford City Hall

In 2016 Tordoff & Wilkinson won the tender from Bradford County Council to manufacture and replace the finials on top of the city hall.

The old finials had been on top of the building braving the elements since then hall was built in 1873. 143 years later Tordoff and Wilkinson's craftsman are around to have been chosen to replace the old and have hand crafted new finials to replace them. We hope these outlast the old ones.

It was designed in the Venetian style. The bell tower was inspired by Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The top of the tower is 220 feet (67 m) high. It contains 13 bells, installed in 1872, which weighed 13 tons 3 quarters and 6lbs and cost £1,765. They first rang at the opening in 1873.

Currently (2016) they ring every 15 minutes and play tunes at midday and late afternoon plus carols in December.[1] All the original bells are still in use but the carillon mechanism has been updated several times

The clock, installed in 1872 at a cost of £2,248 5s was in operation until 1947. In that year it was replaced by a more modern mechanism.

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